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Why are audiovisual devices better suited for university education?

Why are audiovisual devices better suited for university education?

These include specialized audiovisual installations, educational
cinematography, educational television and videodisc systems.
Educational cinematography is firmly integrated into school practice, although
There are some factors that limit its use.
Not only is it not possible to take notes while watching a film,
but also distractions for reflection, exchange of impressions.
all this should be put "for later", i.e., until the end of the

In recent years, an increasingly strong position has been conquered by
Learning service https://edusharky.com/statement-of-purp … ng-service as one of the main technical
In recent years, educational television (TV) has been gaining ground as one of the main technical means of presenting educational information. Television
Television has many specific features that distinguish it sharply from
Television has a lot of specific features which make it drastically different from educational cinematography. In recent years, the use of UTV has attracted the attention of teachers and educators. Numerous methodological methods of using television equipment in various kinds of educational activities have been developed.

Nowadays, a new information medium - DVDs - is becoming more and more widespread.
Today a new information tool - video disc systems and CD-ROMs - is becoming more and more widespread,
Covenant disks. And it is a reality. For example, in the Rostov
The schoolchildren under the guidance of a teacher
F. Smolentsev, the students themselves made a CD-ROM containing information about the Don region for their geography, history and literature lessons.


Whatever the child's activity, such is the movement of the natural forces and abilities involved, and whatever the movement and exercise
of these powers, such is their development, such is their change and consequently such is the result
such is the result of this development.

The main form of organization of the educational process in the modern secondary school is the lesson.
It is the lesson that determines to the greatest extent both the positive and negative effects of the educational environment on a child's health. The preservation of children's health should take place
preservation of children's health without detriment to solving educational, upbringing and developmental tasks of the lesson. Furthermore, the wellness of the lesson should
Moreover, the virtue goal of the lesson should be to improve the general efficiency of learning.
The virtue goal introduces constraints on how to achieve the goal of the lesson. The task itself implies the choice of means and forms of teaching which are not harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual health of the children. Independent importance should be given to maintaining the optimal functional state of the teacher and pupils which, as is well known, is influenced not only by the tempo, rhythm
of the lesson, the duration and difficulty of the types of learning activity,
but also the general emotional state and motivation of the participants
of the educational process

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Re: Why are audiovisual devices better suited for university education?

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